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Number Question type Title Date
1 Shipping How long does it take for the delivery? 2021-04-22
2 Shipping Does the shipping cost include taxes? 2021-04-22
3 Order/Payment Can I change the quintity of th items? 2021-04-23
4 Order/Payment The money went out of the account, but the order is still payment required status. Can you check it? 2021-04-23
5 Cancel/Refund What are the reasons for not being returned/exchange? 2021-04-23
6 My Account I joined the membership but I didn't receive a confirmation mail of joining the membership. 2021-04-16
7 My Account How do I stop receiving advertising emails? 2021-04-16
8 My Account How do I use mileage? 2021-04-23
9 My Account I forgot my account ID. 2021-04-16
10 My Account I forgot my passwords. 2021-04-23
11 My Account How do I sign up for the website? 2021-04-16
12 My Account I can't access my account. 2021-04-16
13 My Account When will i receive my mileage ? 2021-04-16
14 My Account How can i earn mileage ? 2021-04-16
15 My Account How can I modify the personal information? 2021-04-16